Letter To Viewer
www. vanninh.com is a photo album of my family. The site established on June 26, 2005 with the purpose of sharing images that I have been fortunate to see. All works done on the website which included taking pictures, editing, and uploading the website was done by me. I would like to thank my brother, Hao Duong, for his technical assistance in helping me in creating the website.

Geographically, Vạn Ninh is a small district of Khanh Hoa Province, it situated on National Rout 1A connecting South and North Vietnam. Van Ninh District is the birth place of my Mother. I named this website Van-Ninh in remembrance of and respect of my Mother and Mother-Land of Vietnam.

Photography is a hobby that I have devoted most of my free time to after my retirement. In my "sun set" years, I have found an interest in recording the images that touched me emotionally, I wanted to show to my family and friends and to do this, I created this website.

Since the initial set up of this website I have received emails from many viewers. Some of you share warm feeling when looking at the picture of Vietnam - -the green rice paddies, hard-working peasants working in the fields, and the herons spreading their wings as they flying into the horizon.

Some viewers express their thoughts about the women carrying baskets fill with goods, and having to walk all day long under the excess heat of the sun to sell their goods to make a living.  Some images bring joy when they see the picture of the girl students in white uniform, ao-dai on bicycles rushing to   school in the fresh morning sunshine.  Some viewer have emailed me stating they have heard the sound of the water splashing in the blue ocean, and they are happy to see the pictures and the name of their homeland on the world wide website. All of these remarks bring me joy and encouragement.

I am sincerely thankful to the viewers who have gone into my website, and I will try hard to improve it.

All images on this website are copyrighted by www. vanninh.com. All pictures are printable for your personal use for Non-Profit. If it is for commercial use it is suggested that a sum of money be given to a Non-Profit Organization.  Please acknowledge credit to www.vanninh.com when used.


Binh Duong